Our staff is dedicated, talented, reliable.... and incredibly good-looking!


Murray is the top of the food-chain.  Owner and operator since 2006 he wears many hats and wears them well!

Not only is Murray a great manager, customer sales rep, book-man, foreman, artist, poet, mentor, friend, foe (I could go on but I'll spare you) - he is also undoubtedly one of the finest squeegeman in all of screen-printing history.  It's only a matter of time before the Hall of Fame honors him with a lifetime achievement award for excellence in textiles.

He prefers to be called The Murrminator or MurrFactor5000 but he'll respond to litterally any sound if you have bacon or an icey cold Dr. Pepper.



With over thirty years of industry experience, Lyndon is the man to answer the technical questions that arise. He manages the production floor, makes screens, mixes colors and keeps the flow. Oh yeah, and he's got a story for that, too.


He's been gripping and ripping for over two years. Kyle is the night owl and works on the long runs while learning Mandarin, listening to Dream Theatre, or trying to compress after another angry commute.


Noah's the newbie, but don't let that fool you. He's great at pulling a squeegee - just ask him. While you're at it, ask him about the night he was the King of Toronto.  Whether it's an infectious smile or just an infection, he's a team player with a great spirit and a hot pocket.


We know she's in there because the graphics get done and the phone gets answered, but we rarely see or hear her. We believe she is probably thinking about her beloved dog Frankie, listening to podcasts or checking out Instagram.


There's nothing Aaron loves more than his truck, at least that's what his girlfriend says. Folding, sorting garments, moving cartons, and reclaiming screens means Aaron is in the middle of the action. Now, if only he could remember what day it is, what month it is, or where he parked his truck.


Elijah, Murray's prodigal son.  Elijah has been helping out around the shop since he was knee-high to a grasshopper. 

He's currently pursuing higher education but for the time being we still get to have him around once in a while folding up a storm, opining, professing knowledge and taking extended vape-breaks as necessary.